Google Is Making Its Own Wireless Headphones

Google Is Making Its Own Wireless Headphones

Last fall, Google introduced a wide range of new proprietary devices including smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. This year, we already expect the second generation of Pixel and more Google’s one products. Apparently, one of them will be a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.Google wireless headphone

The device has been certified by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Consequently, the technical specs of the headphones became available. Unlike Apple with its AirPads, Google went for over-ear headphones equipped with active noise cancellation. The headphones carry a lot of different things on their “shoulders” including On/Off and volume regulation buttons as well as a special button for activating the noise cancellation. Apart from that, there is a built-in microphone for talking on the phone, a micro-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm jack. Speaking of charging, the 600mAh battery powers the headphones providing 25 hours of audio playback.

Google first Wireless Headphones

Unfortunately, this device won’t be available for regular users. According to several sources, Google used to make its own headphones only for the company’s employees, so it may be the case for these ones as well.


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