Wireless Charging for Smartphones and Tablets

Would you like to be able to charge your smartphone without using any cables? Of course, the idea sounds great but it isn’t the idea anymore – it is reality. A few smartphones, like iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9, support wireless charging. The only problem is to find a suitable charging accessory. Unfortunately, most of them are too expensive. That’s why we picked an affordable solution for you – a charging station by Harper.

This gadget from the Russian company Harper caught our attention because of its price and interesting design. The company has two models in its line-up. Both of them are based on the wireless charging standard Qi which guarantees the highest level of safety and functionality. The first model is QCH-2070 – a small, compact rounded disk with the 7cm diameter and only 50g of weight. The station has a micro-USB port, so it can be connected to any power source to work whether it’s a laptop, a PC or a power bank. QCH-2070 produces 0.7A at the output which is quite enough for charging a smartphone. Also, the distance between the station and a smartphone shouldn’t exceed 5mm. So, even if your smartphone is in a case, it will be charged without problems.

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Wireless Charging for Smartphones

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The second model of the line-up is QCH-3090 which is quite similar to the previous station. Still, there are a couple of critical differences. Firstly, the design is a bit more elegant because of the transparent material that the stand is made of. Secondly, QCH-3090 gives out more current – 1A. This means that your device will be charges faster. Thirdly, the maximum station-to-phone distance went up to 7mm.

All in all, you’ve finally decided to get rid of cables and turn to wireless charging, Harper stations have a couple of accessories that you can check out. They won’t cost you much but still do their job well.

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