Acer Presented Its First Smartwatch and VR-camera

During the conference Acer@Next, Acer unveiled a lot of brand-new devices and some of them weren’t laptops. In fact, the company presented its first smartwatch and a VR-camera.

Acer Smartwatch

The smartwatch got the name Leap Ware and it’s positioned as a fitness gadget. That’s why, aside from step counting and sleep tracking, it can measure more interesting things, like heart rate, endurance level, UV-radiation, and even fat level. Other cool features include the proprietary OS and a big battery that lasts for 5 days. Leap Ware becomes available in the USA starting from July. Other parts of the world will have to wait until the end of the year.

Acer Virtual Reality

The second novelty was Holo 360 camera. The device has a few similarities with a smartphone: the design, the touchscreen display, LTE support and Android-based software. In fact, users can make calls from this camera and open different apps. Still, Holo 360 isn’t for that. The camera has two sensors which can take 360-degree photos and record videos. The price and release date of Holo 360 is yet to be revealed.

Acer VR-camera

1 Comment on Acer Presented Its First Smartwatch and VR-camera

  1. Megan Davis // 02.05.2017 at 05:41 // Reply

    Most 360 cameras need to plug and connect to a smartphone to make it work. But this Holo 360, theres no companion device needed because it has a screen in it. I love it!


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