Fake Apple Watch Produced in China

There are millions of different devices on the market but not all of them are made “with honesty”. In fact, 2.5% of all ICT products are counterfeit, so it’s quite possible to come across a fake mobile phone, for example. Still, there are segments that are relatively unexplored by “fakers” and one of them is wearable. This market has been growing recently but even here, there is counterfeit production.

Of course, we can see many fake Apple Watch devices and it’s really not necessary to review them all. For instance, we have checked one of fake smartwatches which is nothing less than a copy of Apple Watch. The device is fitted with a MTK6260A processor, 512MB of RAM and a 380mAh battery for two days of work. The display, which, of course, isn’t protected with sapphire glass, has the 1.54-inch diagonal and a 240×240 resolution. Also, the device has GPS, FM radio, an accelerometer and built-in speakers.

As for the functionality, obviously, you won’t see anything spectacular. Still, the watch can count steps, track sleep and distance. The information is displayed in the accompanying smartphone app. The Bluetooth connection also means that the watch will notify the user of any incoming calls or text messages.

Although the price is very tempting, we’d like to remind our readers that fake devices aren’t safe.

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