Paprcuts Watch – First Wearable Made of Paper

In case regular or smart watches aren’t in your taste, the German company Paprcuts Gang came up with an interesting alternative – it released a relatively cheap but definitely unusual device called Paprcuts Watch. Here is brief review.
Basically, it’s a wearable but it’s made of Tyvek – the durable, high-density, synthetic polyethylene fibre produced by DuPont. Tyvek is often used for protecting building during construction but Germans found another application for it.

Papr Watch – First Wearable

Paprcuts Gang chose Tyvek for the watch because of amazing properties. The material is very lightweight, strong and water-resistant. The latter means that users can take showers and even swim while wearing this watch. Apart from that, Tyvek allowed manufacturers to express their creativity at the fullest. As a result, there are 29 different designs available for purchase.

Unfortunately, this magical material is the only hi-tech thing about this watch. Other than that, Paprcuts Watch only tells the time. At least, it has a pretty big battery which works non-stop for around 2 years.

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