Google Might Release Three Smartphones This Year

Traditionally, Google releases new flagship smartphones every year. Initially, they were coming out under the name Nexus but last year it was replaced with the Pixel line-up. But each year, the amount of released smartphones is different. Lately, 2 has been the perfect number for Google. However, this may change in this year.

According to the information from Android Open Source, Google is ready to add 3 new smartphones to its line-up in 2017. The details about 3 devices with the code names Walleye, Muskie and Taimen were found in the programme code. Unfortunately, the names were the only thing found there. Still, there are some suggestions about all devices. Supposedly, Walleye will be a replacement for the Pixel XL smartphone and Muskie – for a standard Pixel. As for Taimen, it can be either a phone with a bigger screen or a new tablet.

Rumours say that all three smartphones will feature Snapdragon 835 processor, just like Samsung Galaxy S8. Considering that first Pixels had a great start on the market, new Google smartphones have the potential to do even better.

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