Google Announced Yi Halo VR Camera

Google Yi Halo VR Camera

Almost two years ago, Google presented Jump – a VR platform for making 3D content. After a while, the first Jump-based camera was announced. It was the result of cooperation between Google and GoPro, so the camera got the name GoPro Odyssey. It was fitted with 16 smaller cameras and could record panoramic 8K video at 30fps speed. But now, Google announced a new VR camera for its platform and it’s even better.

This one is called Yi Halo and it has one camera on board. 17 cameras by Yi Technology have the same video characteristics – they record footage either in 8K resolution at the shooting speed of 30fps or in 6K resolution at the 60fps speed. The whole device is powered from a rechargeable battery which works for about 100 minutes of non-stop filming. All the footage goes through the Jump Assembler allowing users to create 360-degree 3D content.

Apart from that, Yi Halo has a direct connection with a smartphone. The accompanying mobile app serves as a remote for the camera and gives users an opportunity to preview the footage.

Obviously, Yi Halo is oriented towards professionals who need high-quality VR content. So, if you’re a professional, expect Google Yi Halo to hit the market this summer.

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