New iPhone Stand in Shape of Original Macintosh

Elago M4 iPhone stand

The company Elago has already been spotted on the accessory market when a few months ago, it released a very interesting Apple Watch charging stand that looked like the original Macintosh computer. Now, Elago decided to add another accessory to the line-up with M4 iPhone stand.

iPhone Stand in Shape of Original Macintosh

However, the main feature has changed a little bit. The stand still has a retro look but it is a different, a bit stretched-out version of the first Macintosh. Still, M4 offers some functionality. There is a slot where you can insert an iPhone to watch a video or movie if holding a phone in your hand sounds too exhausting. Apart from that, users can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the phone and type comfortably.

Unfortunately, M4 doesn’t provide charge to a smartphone, unlike W4, the stand for Apple Watch. Also, you have to be careful when inserting a phone in the slot because it’s quite tight and you’d have to take the case off of the phone if there is one.

Anyway, for all retro lovers out there, M4 iPhone stand is available.

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