Apple Revealed More Details about Its Self-Driving Car

During several years, we’ve been hearing rumours about Apple working on its own self-driving vehicle and a platform for this kind of cars. The Cupertino company hired a bunch of new specialists who had been involved in car manufacturing before. Last week, the California DMV allowed Apple to use such cars on regular roads. And now, Apple published a series of documents describing procedures of safety provision and training of employees who will be working with the new platform.

Apple Revealed More Details about Its Self-Driving Car

According to the documents, Apple is about to use three off-roaders Lexus RX 450h for the test of the platform which was called “Apple Automated System”. Apart from that, the company will train 6 extra drivers who will be in cars as passengers in case something goes wrong. The training programme includes basic driving skills as well as sudden acceleration or a U-turn in tight conditions.

All the vehicles will feature steering wheels and pedals by Logitech that work together with the software for driving without a driver. In case of emergency, a trained driver will be able to interfere and operate the vehicle by himself (herself).

Source: Business Insider

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