New Nokia 3310 – Brief Review

Today, teenagers can’t imagine their lives without precious, multifunctional smartphones. But if you’re in your late twenties or older, you may remember first portable mobile phones. Honestly, there was something magical about them. They had everything that you needed – you could call, text, play games and that was all that mattered. One of such veterans was Nokia 3310 – a legendary device. But recently, the brand Nokia returned to the market and one of their first releases was the updated version of the iconic Nokia 3310. Here is our short review of it.

New Nokia 3310

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First of all, new Nokia 3310 isn’t exactly identical with the original. It’s been adapted a little bit considering the modern era of super-advanced smartphones. The screen became coloured, there is Bluetooth and even a 2MP camera with a flash. Plus, the line-up became more colourful: standard black and white along with yellow and red. Customers can get a model with 2 SIM cards and you can upload some music on the phone. Although the storage is only 18MB, you can expand it with up to 32GB with a microSD card. And we shouldn’t forget about legendary battery time of Nokia 3310 – this one works for a month in standby mode or you can talk non-stop for a day until the battery runs low.

Still, Nokia 3310 isn’t a smartphone. Not even close. It runs the same Symbian OS and has a 2.4-inch display. Obviously, there is np 4G (only 2.5G), apps or access to social media. All you can do is basically call the people in your contact list, text them, look at pictures in the gallery or listen to music. But forget all that because there’s another option – a set of retro games and one of them is definitely the most nostalgic – Snake. It is a little different but the fun is the same.

So, a revamped Nokia 3310 may not be up to modernity but it certainly is a great mobile phone. The new version is quite eye-catching and has nothing in excess. If you want to turn back time to the good old days, don’t regret to spend $50 on the legend that is Nokia 3310.


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