7 Amazing Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

The presentation of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is definitely the biggest event of the mobile device market in 2017 (so far, we’re waiting for iPhone 8). Both smartphones pack really impressive features, like 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch curved-edge, frameless displays, Snapdragon 835 processor, the Samsung’s own virtual assistant Bixby (which will be available only later, by the way), and so on. The pre-order numbers show that the interest to new Samsung flagship smartphones is enormous – only in South Korea more than a million devices have been pre-ordered.
But once you receive your extremely functional Galaxy S8, you can make it even better. For that, we have accessories. The market is already overfilled with all kinds of accessories, so we’ve decided to pick a few really helpful ones and tell more about them.

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Samsung DeX

This gadget was introduced one the same day with Galaxy S8. In short, Samsung DeX is a docking station with mind-blowing capabilities – it transforms your smartphone into a full-blown desktop computer. The station can be connected to a bigger screen, so that you use work apps in a more comfortable way. For connection, Samsung DeX is fitted with Ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0 (two of them) and USB-C ports. The latter can be also used for charging while you’re working.

samsung dex

Samsung Galaxy S8 Keyboard Cover

Although touchscreen displays are undoubtedly awesome, typing on them for a long time can get exhausting. That’s when you remember about Blackberry smartphones and think about their convenient keyboard. Thankfully, there is way to bring it back with a keyboard cover made specifically for Galaxy S8. You just snap it on the phone and type for as long as you want.

galaxy keyboard cover

Super Fast Wireless Charging Stand for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Wireless charging is becoming more widespread and soon we won’t need any cables for “feeding” our smartphones. However, most wireless charging stations today are flat and horizontal. But there is an accessory by Szeshine and it’s much better. This charging stand keeps your phone at a comfortable angle, so that you could use it and charge it simultaneously.

wireless charging stand

USB-C Smartphone Dock

If wireless charging stands are too expensive for you, there is a more suitable option with the same functionality – Wellci docking station. This accessory charges your smartphone via the USB-C connector while holding it in a vertical position. This makes web browsing or talking on Skype simple and comfortable.

usb c smartphone dock

USB Car Charger

When you’re in a car, there are not that many ways to charge your smartphone. Of course, we have power banks but what if you forgot it? Then a car charger comes in handy. For example, Trianium Car Charger – it has two USB ports and supports Quick Charge 3.0. IT means that your smartphone will stay charged even during long road trips.

usb car charger

Smartphone Mount for car

Another helpful car accessory, especially if you have no place to put your phone in the car. A mount is usually attached to an air vent, so it holds your smartphone securely at a convenient viewing level. This is important if you use it as a navigator. Besides, this is a safer way to talk on the phone. Just put it on speaker and that’s it.

Handsfree with Bluetooth Function Car Charger

Handsfree with Bluetooth Function Car Charger
Windshield Mount Smart Phone Holder

SanDisk USB-C Flash Drive

64 GB of internal storage on Galaxy S8 seems more than enough but it’s always useful to have some extra memory. And if you want a portable accessory for that, there is a flash drive by SanDisk just for you. It’s fitted with two USB ports – a standard one for PCs and a USB-C one for the smartphone. Basically, this is a perfect way to transfer files from your computer to a smartphone and the other way around.

sandisk usb flash drive

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