Unique Smart Toy Robot That Helps Kids to Grow

Our world has become digital and programmers are in demand everywhere. In the future, everything will even more technological, so our kids will live, surrounded by innovations. But what if your own kid could make a contribution into this hi-tech future? Of course, you can’t force your kids into anything but making them interested is another question. Although writing code and programs seem complicated, the first steps can be taken in childhood. In fact, there is a cool gadget that can help with that.

Codeybot – Smart Robot

It’s called Codeybot and it’s a small, friendly-looking robot that can teach your kids how to code using simple, understandable methods. Coding is all about building new things and combining them differently and Codeybot is based on this principle, only it’s a bit more children-oriented. Using a mobile app mBlocky (available for iOS and Android devices), your kids can learn coding by creating various constructions out of virtual blocks. And once you’ve built something, the robot will display it on its LED panel.

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Furthermore, Codeybot is a source of endless entertainment for your kids. They can control with voice commands, like “forward”, backward” or “change colour”. It connects to Wi-Fi and plays music, it can record your voice and play it back in a funny, cartoony way, and it even has 5 pre-programmed dances. Besides, if you have two Codeybots, you can have a battle between them. Just attach a laser add-on and operate with the app.

All in all, Codeybot is like a hi-tech toy for your kids but it is also very educational. With simple and enjoyable tasks, your kids can learn more about coding and have fun at the same time.


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