Best Selling Wireless and Wired Hybrid Headphones

Since last year, smartphone makers started producing devices without a 3.5mm jack. Instead, the users were supposed to listen to music with wireless headphones. But companies that make them quickly adapted to the situation and came up with headphones that can be connected to Lightning or USB-C ports.

Razer Wireless Headphones for iPhone

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One of many examples is Razer. The company, more famous for gaming laptops and peripherals, decided to diversify its line-up and introduced new headphones called Hammerhead V2. This audio device comes in two versions:  wired model with a Lightning connector, special for iPhone and Wireless model that works with any Bluetooth integrated device.  It has a special clip that is attached to clothes in order not to lose the headphones.

Razer Wireless Headphones for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Regardless of the model, Hammerhead V2 have great characteristics. They fitted with rather big 10mm speakers cased in aluminium body. As a result, the headphones serve much longer and the sound performance is impeccable. What’s more, Hammerhead V2 comes with the accompanying smartphone app where users can adjust audio settings.

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