Lenovo Future Plans: Gaming Laptops, Smart Speakers and AR

Lenovo Future Plans, laptops

For the last 5 years, PC sales have been falling. In Q1 2017 there was a slight growth but it didn’t change the overall situation. The company Lenovo plans to bring the PC market “back to life”. Since Mike Abary became the vice-president of the company’s North America department, Lenovo has had a very successful period being the fastest growing brand during the last 7 quarters.

According to Abary, one of the reasons for success was implementing innovations. In this time, Lenovo introduced its first touchscreen laptop, a laptop with a 360-degree screen, and a Yoga laptop with a WQHD display. Apart from that, Lenovo is going to focus on the gaming industry. Gaming laptops and 2-in-1s were the only segments that showed growth on the PC market and Lenovo will use that, Abary says.

The company is looking other directions as well. In June, the world will see Lenovo Smart Assitant – a smart speaker integrated with Amazon Alexa. Besides, Lenovo is working on an AR-headset based on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. This device comes out in August.

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