How to Increase the Lifetime of Your Laptop

Choosing a laptop is a big decision. Before buying one, you have to consider every big and small detail in order not to be disappointed with your purchase. So, you’ve finally picked the laptop, bought it and brought it home. Hooray! But this is only the beginning. If you want a laptop to serve you loyally for years to come, you have to treat with care. That’s why we’re going to tell about basic procedures that could help prolong the service life of your portable assistant.

Clean it from dust

The problem that always comes up after 2-3 years of use is too much dust inside the body. A fan or even a couple of them blow air through the laptop all the time. After a while, radiators and the fans themselves get covered with dust and the fans have to work harder. At first, your laptop starts making too much noise and if you don’t deal with this issue, the processor will overheat and lower its productivity. That’s why you have to take out your screwdriver and disassemble the laptop. To get rid of the dust, it’s better to use an air duster because it reaches all hard-to-access spots.

Change the thermal paste

If you’ve finally summoned the courage and took off the back cover of your laptop, there is one more useful procedure that you can do – replacing the thermal paste between the chipsets and the coolers. As a result, the working temperature of all components will decrease which will have a positive effect on the service life. If you don’t know how to do it, you can find numerous instruction videos on YouTube.

Clean the screen

Unlike fans, chipsets and other components inside the laptop, the screen is always in front of your eyes. And it needs taking care of as well. In time, the screen gets dirty and dusty, so even the most beautiful 4K-display won’t look that beautiful. Of course, you can just wipe the screen with your old T-shirt but we wouldn’t recommend that. The best way to clean the screen is to buy a special microfiber napkin. Another way to take care of the screen is to protective film or glass.

Clean the keyboard

If you’ve used a laptop for a few years, its keyboard is filled with many unpleasant things even it looks clean on surface. Underneath the keys, there’s a lot of dust and dirt. Of course, it’s better to occasionally clean it. Taking off every key isn’t something that we recommend.
For starters, you can just turn your laptop over, so that the keyboard is faced downwards, and shake it. After that, the same air duster comes in action and every nook and cranny underneath your keyboard will be clean as new.

Buy accessories for it

Laptops are meant to be carried around, which means that they need protection at all times. So, after you’ve bought a laptop, don’t hesitate to get a few accessories for it. Even a simple sleeve can save your laptop from scratches and drops. For carrying a laptop, accessory companies offer many different messenger bags or backpacks.

Install the updates

Once you’ve cleaned everything inside and outside, you can turn to other aspects. First of all, it’s important to update the software that you use. Companies release new updates for a reason – they get rid of bugs that could be used by hackers. Therefore, if your laptop offers you the latest update, don’t put it off.

Install the antivirus software

Of course, web browsing without the antivirus software is an equivalent to committing suicide. There’s no universal weapon against viruses so far, so you have to be careful. Before starting surfing the internet, spend a few minutes to install an antivirus. Thankfully, there are many free ones on the web and you can easily choose the suitable one.

Speed it up

If you think that you laptop got older and it isn’t that fast as it was before, there are a few ways to make it “young” again. If you’re a regular user, you can use cleaning soft to get rid of unnecessary programs and cache.
There is a more radical way for experienced users – resetting your operating system. Just watch a few YouTube videos to make sure you know what you’re doing.

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