Bose Released New Bluetooth Speakers

Bose New Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless speakers appeared on the market only a few years ago but they were ignored by most audiophiles who preferred wired devices because they had better sound quality. However, the situation is changing and many companies make wireless speakers now and they have amazing sound. One of these companies is Bose which just released 2 new speakers: SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+.

Apparently, Bose representatives are quite proud of these speakers calling them the best on the market. Both speakers were designed from scratch which makes even more unique. With their interesting and well-crafted construction (new acoustic deflector, dual-opposing passive radiator and a downward-faced transducer), the speakers provide high-quality, 360-degree sound. In addition, both speakers are equipped with NFC support, a microphone and water-resistant body.

SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ have pretty much the same characteristics with a slight difference in battery time: 12 hours for the first one and 16 hours for the second.

SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ can be pre-ordered now for $250 and $350 respectively. And if you want something cheaper, Bose also released SoundLink Color II with the price of $163.

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