Apple Replaces Broken iPad 4 with iPad Air 2

Apple Replaces Broken iPad

The fourth-generation iPad was released in 2012 and became the first Apple tablet to be fitted with the trademark Lightning port. iPad 4 was much more productive than any previous version. Now, Apple doesn’t make or sell this tablet anymore but many people still use it. And it turns out that if you have a broken iPad 4, you can get iPad Air 2 for free. The replacement is possible only in the Apple’s brand store or official service centres.

Apple has already sent a letter to all stores and centres mentioning that any user can exchange a broken iPad 4 for iPad Air 2. Besides, the user can choose himself the colour of his new tablet. However, it’s important to say that this exchange can be done under the following circumstances:

– The breakage of your iPad 4 is a warranty case;
– It’s impossible to repair it;
– There is no iPad 4 in stock of the store or service centre where you bring a broken iPad;

In any case, getting the iPad Air 2 is a pretty good deal considering that it’s thinner, lighter and more powerful than iPad 4.

1 Comment on Apple Replaces Broken iPad 4 with iPad Air 2

  1. I Doctor // 08.05.2017 at 21:23 // Reply

    If you bought Apple’s first iPad with the guarantee then Apple must replace your iPad 2. According to Apple, if you have any physical damage in the iPad then Apple will not replace your device, but you can try and may be you can get your new iPad.


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