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Although smartwatches are gradually becoming fashion accessories, many people buy them for their functionality. Some people enjoy seamless integration with a smartphone while others use smartwatches because of their activity tracking abilities. Fitness enthusiasts love such devices and the feeling is mutual. That’s why we see many smartwatches aimed specifically at sportsmen and one of them drew attention. It’s called Amazfit Pace and here’s our brief review of it.

Amazfit Pace is a pretty eye-catching device with everything that a fitness fan wants from its smartwatch. In terms of activity tracking, this watch is amazing. It recognizes different types of sports, like running (outdoor or trail), walking, cycling, elliptical, and so on. In fact, the watch puts running in the first place. Amazfit Pace knows basically everything about your running habits because it tracks distance, speed (average and maximum), cadence, altitude, elevation gain or loss, and so on. Plus, it has a built-in heart rate monitor for “watching over” your heart during trainings and GPS so that you could build and track your running routes.

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AMAZFIT Xiaomi SmartWatch

Xiaomi AMAZFIT SmartWatch
IP 67 Waterproof Heart Rate Sensor

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Another feature that runners would appreciate is 4GB storage. It means that you won’t have to take a smartphone for your runs. Instead, the watch connects with the headphones (if they are wireless) and plays the music. And let’s not forget about the battery which lasts for 5 days from a single charge – impressive numbers for a smartwatch.

Obviously, Amazfit Pace sends all your fitness information to the smartphone app Strava. Also, it doesn’t only track your sports achievements, it also offers you several training programmes. Whether you’re a beginner who just ran his first kilometre or an experienced runner training for a marathon, there’s always something helpful for you. And of course, Amazfit Pac as any other smartwatch works as a notification alert for incoming calls or messages.

So, Amazfit Pace may not be the first name if you’re looking for a sports smartwatch but it’s definitely worth checking out. With its price of $160, it does quite a lot tracking many different activities, breaking down your running into categories and analysing them. Amazfit Pace is a very effective way to optimize your workout routine.

Xiaomi AMAZFIT SmartWatch
IP 67 Waterproof Heart Rate Sensor

great Super Best Selling Smartwatch

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