ChargeTech Plug – Power Bank with World’s Highest Capacity

Considering that smartphones don’t have long-lasting batteries, power banks can be real saviours. These gadgets are hugely popular nowadays because they are portable and they can be used for multiple mobile devices. Usually, one power bank can charge a smartphone 2 or 3 times which isn’t that much, especially if you’re travelling far away from power outlets. But the company ChargeTech introduced their solution to this problem and it is mind-blowing.

This power bank is called Plug and it is quite simply the most powerful accessory of its kind on the world. With its 48 000mAh battery, it can fully charge a smartphone 28 times or a laptop 3 times. The whole power comes from 16 smaller batteries with 3 000mAh each, installed inside this accessory. Besides, Plug comes with a solar panel (for extra money) which can charge the power bank itself in just 8 hours.

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What’s more, Plug has several AC outlets and it can serve as a source of power for other home appliances. For example, a TV can work from this power bank for 4 hours. Apart from that, Plug is fitted with 2 regular USB ports and one USB-C port.

Although Plug isn’t the most portable accessory on the market, it works well as a back-up power source or just a useful device for travelers. ChargeTech Plug can be ordered on Indiegogo for $314. And if 48 000mAh don’t satisfy your needs, there is a Pro version with 54 000mAh for $330.

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