Great Retro Design Leather Backpack for Laptop

There are many different brands on the mobile accessory market and each one has some distinctive features. Let’s take WaterField Designs. A company, based in San Francisco, makes carrying and protective accessories for laptops, tablets and smartphones but all of them are made of top-notch materials, including durable nylon canvas or leather. As a result, all accessories have a certain style and class. So, for this review we selected one of their best backpacks – Staad.

Just like other Waterfield accessories, this one comes with a great design. Staad has a distinctive retro touch. A combination of canvas and ballistic nylon for the exterior guarantees maximum durability. Apart from that, the flap and the handle are made of full-grain leather. With its slim profile and business-like looks, Staad is a fantastic accessory for a more formal environment. And let’s not forget about how well this backpack sits on your shoulders due to a mesh-padded back and straps.

Leather Backpack for Laptop

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The interior may not have much space but it isn’t a hiking backpack. There are two padded compartments for a laptop and a tablet with enough space left for documents or magazines. Also, there are two pockets for your other essentials, like a smartphone, a charging cable, a power bank or just a pen. The pack won’t surprise you with capacity but it keeps all contents neatly organized. After all, as we’ve mentioned before, it is more of a formal accessory.

Staad comes in two sizes: Slim and Stout. The first is obviously smaller – it fits 12.5-inch laptops and 9.5-inch tablets. As for the second one, there’s place for a 15-inch laptop and a bigger tablet. Actually, if you prefer a smaller laptop compartment, you can request that on the website and Waterfield will a backpack just for you. To sum it up, Staad is a beautiful backpack for people with taste. It might be pricey but you should know that you’re paying for top quality.

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