Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Lock for Smart House

Biometric Lock

When we’re watching movies, it’s always cool to see how people open hi-tech doors equipped with fingerprint scanners. But today, this technology is reality and these devices are available to anyone. Therefore, if you want more safety to your house or office, a fingerprint lock would really help. And for this review we picked one of the best products from this category – uGuardian Biometric Fingerprint Lock.

uGuardian is a simple but very helpful solution for anyone who is concerned about home or office security. The device looks quite compact and stylish, so it adds a bit more class to any interior. But under the beautiful looks we have great functionality. The lock has a patented independent clutch motor design and reversible handle. Also, the lock is constructed in a way that prevents any forcible entry. But most importantly, the lock is fitted with a fingerprint sensor which works instantaneously as soon as you touch it and opens the door with a gentle sound. Plus, there is an LED-light, so you would still be able to open the door in the dark.

Furthermore, uGuardian is very easily installed. The lock fits any standard door and has American-standard single latch which makes it simple to replace it. The installation requires nothing except the lock itself. Actually, all installation videos are available on Once you’ve done with that, you have to set up access to different users. The website allows you to register up to 90 people, so that you could choose who can and can’t open the door. You can divide all users into 3 groups: Admin, Normal and Temporary users.

In conclusion, uGuardian Biometric Fingerprint Lock is affordable and efficient way to make sure that your house is protected in the best way possible. With this gadget, a simple door can become smarter and impossible to break in.

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