Misfit Elegant and Functional Fitness Trackers

Activity trackers by Misfit are known for their simple design. But despite being quite modest in terms of looks, these devices pack impressive functionality. Just a few days, Misfit launched the latest device called Misfit Flare.

This tracker “inherits” the same minimalistic design as its predecessors. Still, Flare has everything to become popular. Its body is made of aluminium and protected from water according to the highest standards. In fact, the gadget can be submerged to 50m depths. Plus, Flare is fitted with a small touchscreen display with an LED-light in the middle of it. The light indicates if you’ve achieved your daily goals. For example, when you reach 25% of your goal, the light blinks one time; when it’s 50%, you’ll see two blinks. But once the goal is completed, the display shows a light animation.

Functional Fitness Trackers

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Just like other similar devices, Flare mostly does activity tracking. This includes both basic stuff (counting steps, measuring burned calories, tracking sleep) and more complicate exercises (running, walking, yoga, football, basketball). Besides, you can use it for swimming as the tracker is resistant to water.

Misfit Flare wirelessly connects with your smartphone, so all the information and achievements will be displayed in the accompanying app. Apart from that, the tracker alerts you about incoming calls and messages and can be used for controlling music and even operating the smart house.

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