Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Just a couple of weeks ago, Samsung released its new flagmans Galaxy S8 / S9 and S8 Plus. Since that, many people have already pre-ordered both devices, which isn’t surprising considering how beautiful they are. And of course, accessory makers are happy as well. So, if you want to protect your Galaxy S8 smartphone, you might need to buy a fashionable and reliability case. That’s why we’ve picked a few brands which already necessary cases in their line-up.


This name is always associated with extreme protection. OtterBox cases consist of several layers, they are shock-absorbent and resistant to water, dust and dirt. The Defender is the pearl of the collection. With its 3-layer structure, it makes sure that nothing happens to your smartphone.Otterbox for Samsung Galaxy S8

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These cases are known for their beauty. The line-up has a few models (Vault, Legion, Parallax, and so on) and all of them have a distinctive classic design. Plus, PC and faux leather guarantee safety of your smartphone.

Caseology for Samsung Galaxy S8

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Moshi cases for Galaxy S8 are quite simple but very effective. The Tycho Hybrid is minimalistic, the Vitros Transparent has durable polymer construction and the Overture is actually a wallet case which can also be used as a stand.

Moshi Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

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Urban Armor Gear

These cases are quite bulky which gives you even more confidence about their protective abilities. Three models – UAG Pathfinder, UAG Plasma and UAG Metropolis – would suit anyone, especially active people who always need more security for their devices.

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This brand has a line-up of 22 cases for Galaxy S8, so you can easily choose the perfect one. The Carnaby is more about style, Haven will protect your phone from big drops and Stowaway has a slot for credit cards and cash.

Insipio for Samsung Galaxy S8

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This brand has a really good Presidio line-up with a fashionable, slim design and enough protection to keep your phone safe. Some cases would appeal more to a younger audience.

Speck for Samsung Galaxy S8

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Another brand with a rich selection of smartphone cases. Whether you want something simple, a wallet case or an armored case for your Galaxy S8, Spigen has it.

Spigen for Samsung Galaxy S8

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Spigen Accessories for Samsung Galaxy

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