5 Useful Smart Gadgets for Kitchen

Today, technologies are an essential part of our everyday routine and it’s hard to surprise with new gadgets. Still, some brands bring out innovative devices which can definitely make our life easier. Let’s take the kitchen, for example. We already have appliances which can wash dishes and cook food themselves but there are even smarter devices. So, for this review we picked 5 functional smart gadgets which can make your kitchen a bit more tech.

Smart smoke detector

Kitchen is a place where everything is cooked, so there’s always fire and smoke. That’s why it’s important to have smoke detectors installed. If something wrong happens, you’ll always get a notification on your smartphone and call the fire station.

Smart remote-operated appliances

Multi-cookers, kettles, ovens, coffee machines, – there are so many of them that we combined them into one category. And all of them have one similarity – they all can be controlled remotely with a smartphone. A simple smartphone app can help you observe the cooking process and make adjustments even when you’re not home.

Temperature measuring devices

Right temperature is vital for cooking. When you’re frying something, like a steak or fish, it’s important to keep track of the temperature, so that the dish is cooked properly. That’s where gadgets can help. It can be a smartphone-connected thermometer or a smart frying pan or just barbeque tongs which show temperature on a small display.

Digital Scale

It seems like there’s no need for an internet-connected scale but it does help a lot. Using an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can follow the recipe step by step while the scale measures the exact amount of products that you need. Even without any apps, a scale is a necessary kitchen item but a smart scale offers a more fun way to cook, especially if you’re a beginner.

Smart Speaker

Although it isn’t specifically a kitchen gadget, a smart speaker can become a very helpful cooking assistant for you. Such devices, as Amazon Echo or Google Home, are controlled with voice commands, so you can tell them to set timers and get recipes from the Internet. Amazon Echo is even more effective here because you can actually add products to your shopping list or order them.

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