Galaxy S8 Will Come Out without Bixby

Galaxy S8 without Bixby

One of the main features of Samsung Galaxy S8 is the new voice assistant Bixby. The Korean company said that it presents a totally revolutionary way of communication between the smartphone and the user. Unfortunately, a couple weeks before the release of Galaxy S8, Samsung announced that Bixby won’t be available to the first buyers.

For some reason, Samsung delayed the launch of its voice assistant and we won’t see it on 21st of April when the smartphone will be released. Galaxy S8 will have only a limited amount of Bixby’s functions. In the official announcement for Axios, Samsung representatives said that such functions as Vision, Home and Notifications will be available to customers but the full version will come out later as an update. For example, the U.S. market will see Bixby later this spring.

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Samsung didn’t provide any comments on this situation. Plus, there’s no further information regarding the Bixby’s launch in other countries. In any case, there were some reviews about Bixby earlier. According to BBC, some audience members, who visited the presentation of Galaxy S8, said that the Samsung’s voice assistant was a bit slow.

Perhaps, that’s what caused the delay – Samsung is trying to do everything as smoothly as possible after the Note 7 scandal. Still, the fact that the Korean company has its own voice assistant now shows that Apple, Google and Amazon will have a serious competitor in this area. 

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