Sony Digital Paper Tablet Replaces Paper

In 2013 Sony released 13.3-inch tablet DPT-S1 with an E-Ink display. It turns out that the Japanese company hasn’t forgotten about it and recently introduced the updated version of the tablet called DPT-RP1. The screen size remained the same but the resolution became higher – 1650×2200 pixels. New tablet is lighter and thinner than its predecessor and also packs more productivity.

Just for this tablet, Sony released an app Digital Paper. The app is intended for desktop computers and used for converting websites and documents into the PDF format and transferring them to the tablet. That way, users will be able to make remarks in the documents or highlight the most important information. By the way, this is the only format which DPT-RP1 works with.

Sony Tablet Replaces Paper

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The tablet basically replaces paper, so it’s oriented towards people who have to work with a lot of documents, like businessmen, lawyers or scientists. Apart from reducing the usage of paper, DPT-RP1 may be used for making regular notes with a special stylus.

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