Gadgets You Need for Safe Traveling

During weekends or holidays, many people love to leave the city and get closer to the nature whether it’s a simple visit to the countryside, a hill climb or a hike. Obviously, such activities require some preparation. Without necessary equipment, a hike might turn out to be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Of course, lack of comfort is a part of any hiking experience but who says that it shouldn’t be enjoyable? That’s why in this Blog post we picked a few gadgets that you may find quite helpful for your outdoor or other trip.

Power tent

Buying a tent is the first step in preparing for your hiking travel. If you’re not into anything fancy, you would just go for a simple, spacious one but tents can be technological as well. For example, Eureka! Power Tent which is packed with a few power outlets which can power your smartphone, laptop and other devices. This tent enough charge for about 20 hours, so you’ll have to spend it wisely.

Portable microwave oven

If you spend several days in the nature, your food will get cold eventually. Instead of making a fire all the time, you could use a microwave oven. A portable version of this necessary kitchen appliance doesn’t need electricity – it has its own built-in battery. You just have to charge it before the hike and your food will always be hot and delicious.

Electric bug swatter

We all know how annoying insects can be, especially during the summer. A buzzing mosquito is probably the most irritating sound in the world. People usually use sprays, lotions or aromatic bracelets to ward of insects but you can go a more innovative way. An electric, rechargeable bug swatter will be a deadly weapon in your hands protecting your hiking partners from all kinds of bugs.

Toaster for open fire

Roasting marshmallows on the fire is a beloved activity for any hiker, especially kids and teenagers. Usually, people put marshmallows on sticks but there are devices that can do this job better. Metal toasters are just for that. Plus, if you press a button on it, the metal “trident” will rotate, so that the marshmallows wouldn’t be burnt.


Music is always a great companion during a hike. Plus, some people like to follow the news even when they’re out in the wild. That’s when a radio comes in handy. And instead of buying a regular one, you might want to look at Freeplay Summit Radio. This device works even if you don’t have batteries or power outlets because it can be charge by wind or solar energy.

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Battery backpack

Another useful item if you desperately need to charge up your laptop or smartphone. Such backpacks are usually equipped with sewed-in batteries. Some models, like Soldious Backpack, have multiple solar panels attached to it and adapters for all types of devices, so it always has power for your other gadgets.

Pocket GPS

Of course, there are different ways to determine your location without gadgets. Still, there’s no better device than a GPS-tracker. These gadgets are compact and extremely functional. Plus, the selection on the market is huge. Hikers should pay attention to waterproof models with rubberized body because you never know what might happen to your gadgets, so it’s better to be cautious.

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Flashlight Knife

One of the most important things for any hiker is a knife. It can save you in many situations, particularly if you’re hiking in a forest. But you can combine a knife with another essential hiking accessory – a flashlight. Such multifunctional tools, like SLP Pro Survival Knife or Kootek Flashlight Knife, will be very helpful at night.

Water filter

It’s impossible to live without water. However, not all water in the world is as clean as you want it to be. But instead of taking numerous water bottles with you, you can take a water filter. Every time you come across a river or a lake during your great travel, just fill up the filter and you’ll get clean drinking water. What’s more, there are models that can be used for drinking straight out of a river or a lake.


When you’re out in the nature and you’d like a closer look at something, your hiking binoculars will be there for you. Depending on your needs, you can find any model you want as the market is filled with all many types of binoculars. Some of them can even record videos. Traveling with really necessary gadgets will make your travel more amazing.


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