Make Your Wired Headphones Wireless with Plub

Although wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular, most people still use regular, wired ones. But if you like the idea of wireless headphones but can’t afford them, there is a cheap option and it’s called Plub.

This unusual gadget transforms your wired headphones into wireless. Basically, this is kind of an adapter which is also a neckband. Plub is made of plastic, so it’s very lightweight. At the same time, it conceals your wired headphones conveniently and has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, in which you plug your headphones. After that, you’ll be able to enjoy music without getting your headphones tangled.

Choose Your Best Neckband Headset

In addition, the receiver is fitted with aptX CSR audio chip which guarantees high-definition sound without losing its quality. The receiver is rechargeable, so when the 120mAh battery runs out, you can easily remove it and charge up. Only single charge is enough for around 5 hours of audio playback.

So, Plub offers an affordable accessory which provides anyone with tangle-free music experience while maintaining high sound quality. You can support and pre-order the gadget on Kickstarter.

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