This Retro Keyboard Looks like a Typewriter

Retro Keyboard

Retro style is definitely making a comeback now. We see this trend in numerous devices and accessories. For example, Elretron launched a new product called Penna. This is a mechanical wireless keyboard with vintage aesthetics which would remind you of old typewriters.

Retro keyboard Penna has two versions: a more standard keyboard with square keys or a real vintage one with chrome-edged circular keys. Other than that, the design is pretty much the same. There is a special place for you put your smartphone or tablet whether it’s iOS, Windows or Android. Penna connects with everything seamlessly via Bluetooth and works on a regular AA battery. According to the manufacturer, that’s good for 6 months of use.

Another interesting feature of this keyboard is a lever on its left side. This is an item that you would normally see on typewriters and it’s used for moving the paper sheet up. But in Penna, it isn’t just homage to old typing machines. It has its own purpose – it allows users to save buttons, words or whole phrases for quick use.

Penna keyboard is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. First shipments start in August.

1 Comment on This Retro Keyboard Looks like a Typewriter

  1. sitesblog // 27.04.2017 at 17:20 // Reply

    awesome keyboard.


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