10 Gadgets for Travelling With Comfort

Gadgets for Travelling

When you’re travelling, you often sacrifice comfort for new impressions and emotions. Of course, you can’t take your favourite armchair with you but right things can help you maintain comfort during long-term trips. Thankfully, we live in the time when gadgets can save us in difficult situations. That’s why for this article we picked 10 cool gadgets that will make your travelling experience easier and more pleasant.

Multi-Tool Card.

Such idea sounds unrealistic until you see Wallet Ninja. This small accessory fits in your wallet but has a huge application range. This multi-tool card has 4 screwdrivers, 6 wrenches, bottle and can openers, all kinds of knives, a nail drawer and a ruler. Plus, if you insert another card in a special slot, it serves as a stand for your smartphone.

Portable coffee machine.

For many people, there’s nothing better than a taste of fresh coffee in the morning. But if you think that you can’t enjoy coffee during travelling, you’re wrong. Just take Handpresso – a manual espresso machine. It is quite portable and doesn’t require electricity for working. Wherever you are, your favourite beverage will always be with you.

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There’s no point in denying how dependent we are on smartphones. They became our daily companions and they are perfect as travelling guides. If your device has GPS, just download necessary apps and you won’t get lost in an unfamiliar place.

Power bank.

During a vacation or a trip, your smartphone’s battery runs out even faster, which is very annoying because that’s where you need a smartphone the most. In order not end up in this situation, take a power bank with you. Depending on the duration of your travel, you can choose appropriate capacity for all your devices.

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Portable iron.

If there are no irons in the hotel where you stay and you hate walking around wrinkled clothes, a portable iron is an excellent choice for you. The smallest ones, like SteamFast SF-717 or Smile SI1802, weigh only half a kilo and fit in your palm. Despite such size, they do their job very well. If you dress to impress even on vacation, throw a portable iron in your suitcase.

Fitness tracker.

Travelling is a fantastic way to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you want to monitor what distance you’ve covered and how many calories you’ve burned, wrap a fitness tracker around your wrist. For regular travelling, you should go for simple devices, like Xiaomi Mi Band. However, if you prefer more active tourism, you might want to have a tracker with more features (FitBit, Garmin, and so on).

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Selfie stick.

For many people around the world, selfies are the best way to capture beautiful places and sceneries along with your own emotions. And if you’re looking for a better angle for your selfies, a monopod is the right accessory for you. Monopods or selfie sticks are used only for taking pictures of yourself. With an extendable selfie stick, you’ll easily find a perfect angle for a photo. Also, you can find sticks for GoPro if you like recording your travelling endeavours.


If you love photography but your hands are busy with your stuff, you might want to check out tripods with flexible legs, like Joby GorillaPod Original. It’s extremely light but still securely holds your smartphone or a camera. Plus, it can be installed anywhere. For people, who need professional camera tripods, we recommend SLR-Zoom or Focus models.

3G Wi-Fi router.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to find the Internet during travels. If you need stable connection on the go, a 3G router is the way to go. It’s a portable device which connects to the Internet in any place where there’s simple 3G coverage. Such routers provide faster speeds and other users can connect to it as well.

Solar battery.

This is another way to keep your mobile devices and accessories charged. Just lay a solar battery on the ground or attach it to your backpack and with the power of sun you’ll be able to charge your smartphone, tablet or power bank. Obviously, solar panels work only when it’s sunny, so check out a weather forecast before buying it.

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