Unique Voice Activated Smart Home Gadget

Although the smart home market is rapidly developing, we can’t say that it’s getting truly popular. The one that really attracts attention is smart speakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These devices can be your daily, personal assistants doing the whole bunch of tasks. Usually, people use them to control other appliances at the house, to remind themselves about appointments or just to ask trivia questions. But what if there were other additional features, like a camera? And there is a device just like that – WooHoo by SmartBeings.

WooHoo is a real multi-tasker which combines functions from several smart home gadgets. First of all, it works as a smart speaker. The gadget is voice-activated, so you’ll be able to control it with your commands. The list of possible assignments for WooHoo isn’t as wide as for Amazon Echo but it isn’t useless at all. This device still serves as a smart home hub and controls everything smart in your house. You can even make up your own commands because WooHoo knows you by your voice.

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Alexa Voice Control Smart Home Devices

Furthermore, WooHoo comes with a couple more amazing features. It’s fitted with a security cam – it does surveillance in your house and translates footage in your smartphone. So, even when you’re away from your pad, you’re still aware of everything that’s going on back home. With its motion detection system, it senses any suspicious activity and alerts you immediately with a smartphone notification. Apart from that, WooHoo has a touchscreen display with built-in Android which allows you to make video calls. It even has facial recognition, so it literally knows you by face.

So, WooHoo isn’t just a regular thing in your house. With its main purpose to conquer the smart home, it does everything to accomplish this mission. If you want to watch over your house and have smart, voice assistant all at once, WooHoo is the way for you.

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