Unique Smart Knitting Machine

Kniterate decided to make the life of all knitting lovers in the world even easier. The company from London launched on Kickstarter a smart knitting machine which bears the same name – Kniterate.

This is basically a “domesticated” version of big, industrial knitting machines, only this one does everything itself. All you need to do is create or download a design of some clothing item and press the button. Actually, the only thing it does completely is scarfs. Other pieces of garment, like sweaters or dresses, will require a little participation of the user. Kniterate can knit from various materials, such as wool, cotton, etc.

This machine already has several samples in its memory but if you’re creative and you’d like to make your individual design, it’s possible as well. For that, the company will release a smartphone app where you can choose the type of stitching or add patterns to the clothes. Apart from that, Kniterate will come with a special computer programme and software for Windows and Mac. Users will be able to add their own designs and images in the programme. The crowdfunding campaign has been a huge success for Kniterate. The knitting machine will probably go on sale in April, 2018.



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