Xiaomi Super-Compact Smart Thermometer

Xiaomi Smart ThermometerThe latest Xiaomi device that was launched on a crowdfunding platform is a very interesting one. This is an electric smart thermometer in the shape of a button. The gadget has a tiny diameter of 17mm and water protection according to the IPX6 standard. The sensor inside this thermometer is made of food stainless steel which guaranteed safe exploitation with allergic reactions to the materials.

Xiaomi ThermometerIn terms of medical abilities, the thermometer has a measurement range between 32-42°C with the minimal error. To measure the temperature, the user just needs to attach the gadget to the body with a special glue layer (totally harmless) and wait a few seconds. When the gadget records high temperature, it makes an alerting sound signal which is supposed to attract the user’s attention.

The results are immediately sent to the accompanying mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The app monitors temperature numbers during the day and allows you to observe how the healing process is going. Plus, you can change the settings in the app, like an individual temperature limit.

Intelligent Bluetooth Thermometer

Intelligent Thermometer Temperature Monitor Tracker
Bluetooth 4.0 Ios 6.0 & Android 4.3 Anti-lost

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