Smart Home Gadget for Safety of Your Garage

People, who live in private houses, usually keep their vehicles and different tools in a garage. A garage is a kind of a special place for any driver and it’s important to protect it, just like the rest of the house. You never know who might turn up on your street, break into your garage and steal your car. With technologies, even your garage can become a bit more advanced, like doors which open and close if you press the button on the remote. But there are gadgets that can do more. Our next review is about such product.

It’s called Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub and it’s a reliable addition to a smart home. This intelligent gadget is much more than a simple garage opener. With this Hub and the  Mobile App support, you can control the garage door from the distance. One click on the smartphone screen and everything is done. Apart from that, via the app you can check the status of the garage door. This is a helpful safety feature in case someone breaks in.

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Chamberlain
Wireless & Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Hub
with Smartphone App Control

Smart Home Gadget for Garage

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

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Furthermore, Smart Garage Hub is integrated with HomeKit – the Apple’s Siri-enabled software platform for smart home. If you have other smart gadgets (smart locks, Smart cameras or smart lights, for instance), the Apple’s platform “unites” into one network. You’ll be able to control all devices at once. Plus, voice activation is available as well – you can actually open or close your garage by yelling at your smartphone (or asking Siri politely).

So, Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is a pretty useful gadget if you’re worried about safety of precious vehicle or you just think it’s cool to open your garage door remotely. Still, it will make your house a bit smarter.

2 Comments on Smart Home Gadget for Safety of Your Garage

  1. Laura Allard // 19.06.2017 at 12:28 // Reply

    Where can I buy it?


  2. Richard // 19.06.2017 at 12:40 // Reply

    as far as we know, Chamberlain Smart Garage available in not so many countries. more information here


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