Smart AI Internet Firewall Gadget for Full Online Protection

Considering that technologies are taking over and filling our life, we have to be more careful. Yes, some devices seem quite reliable and long-lasting but once they access the Internet, there is a problem. Let’s be honest, the World Wide Web is pretty far from being safe. A lot is done to exterminate this problem but viruses and hackers keep on coming. This is especially important if you have smart gadgets at home. Your smart house required protection and there are devices capable of this task. We chose one of them for this review.

It is called Cujo by the company of the same name. Cujo is a nice-looking smart gadget made in shape of a cup. Unlike many other bulky devices, this one looks homely and definitely suits your interior. But you wouldn’t buy it for that!

You would buy it because it is a perfect smart home protector. Once you plug the cable into it, Cujo accesses your home network and immediately starts its job. Cujo analyses your home internet traffic and sends the results to the cloud storage. If it detects something suspicious, for example, someone breaks into your network, Cujo will block any unauthorized activity and alert the owner via the mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices).

Internet Firewall Gadget

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Generally, Cujo offers a lot of protection on numerous levels. With this compact device, all your internet activities are safe. Web browsing is totally secure, there is antivirus and antimalware protection. Every smart gadget inside your house will be unsusceptible to any attacks whether it’s a virus or a spiteful neighbour who’s mad at you for some reason.

Lastly, it has a feature that parents would be very much interested in. Cujo allows you to monitor children’s online activities from a smartphone or a computer. If your kids are up to something naughty, you will know about it for sure. If you want to live worriless life in your smart home, this is the device for you.

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