Yota Devices YotaPhone 3 – YOTA 3, Coupon Deal

Yota Devices Announced YotaPhone 3 – YOTA 3. Despite some financial problems, that Yota Devices had recently, it seems like we’ll finally see the third generation of YotaPhone. The smartphone will be presented this summer. The information comes from the company’s official website where Yota Devices published a teaser with obscure contours of the upcoming device and the inscription “See You Soon” in Russian.

Yota Devices Announced YotaPhone 3

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The teaser isn’t very informative but still reveals a few details. Apparently, YotaPhone 3 will be cased in a metal body. The exterior is similar to Meizu smartphones. Obviously, the Chinese investors made their contribution here.

According to some web rumours, YotaPhone 3 will get a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. The device will run on the latest Android 7.0. And of course, the trademark feature of the additional E-Ink      display on the rear side will still be there. The exact release date is yet to be revealed.

Speaking of other news about YotaPhone, the owners of the second one started updating to Android Marshmallow. The updated will be downloaded wirelessly provided the corresponding function of the smartphone is activated.
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