New B&O Acoustic System by Bang and Olufsen

The audio acoustics brand Bang & Olufsen, which specializes in premium, expensive sound products, released a highly unusual acoustic system named BeoSound Shape. In fact, this creation of the Danish company looks more like a piece of art than a sound system. It consists of 11 different elements which are made in the shape of bee’s cells and attached on the wall. This allows users to change the position of speakers according to his preferences.

The amount of “bee cells” varies from model to model. The minimal amount is 4 speakers accompanied with an amplifier. All the elements are combined into one system with the connectivity hub BeoSound Core.

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The connection to BeoSound Shape is done via Bluetooth. The wired connection is possible (there is an Ethernet port) as well but the main focus is made on the system’s “wirelessness”. The sound system supports sound transfer via AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Chromecast or BeoLink (the proprietary technology of Bang & Olufsen). Due to a sophisticated algorithm of BeoSound Shape, the sound always surrounds the user no matter where he is in the room.

This interesting sound system comes out in August. The standard set of BeoSound Shape (4 speakers, 2 sound-absorbing elements, an amplifier and BeoSound Core) costs quite a lot – €4 000. In fact, the system can be expanded to 44 if you want a really powerful sound system.

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