Apple Is Working on Its Own Graphics Chip

In mobile devices, Apple uses “self-made” processors but graphics chips PowerVR are always supplied by Imagination Technologies. The rumours about Apple developing its own chips have been going around for some time. Finally, the Cupertino company announced that in less than two years they stop licensing products from Imagination Technologies. The representatives of the company-supplier said that Apple notified them about intentions to create an independent graphics technology to have more control over its own products.

By the way, this is huge news for Imagination Technologies. For them, Apple is the main revenue source bringing more than half of income. In a couple of years, Imagination Technologies will apparently stop receiving royalties from Apple on iPhones and iPads. That’s why the situation is still developing. Imagination Technologies representations are about to discuss alternative arrangements.

According to expectations, Apple begins using its own production in mobile devices from the next year. Such independence may be very fruitful for Apple. The company already had success with its own CPUs. Hopefully now, the company will surprise us with astonishing graphics in new smartphones and tablets.

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