NOWA Shaper Watch – the World’s Thinnest Hybrid Smartwatch

The smartwatch market offers a wide selection of devices for customers with various preferences. If you’re concerned about fashion, there are smartwatches from such brands as Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger; if you’re looking for a sports smartwatch, you might want to check out Garmin and you want functionality, there’s no better choice than Samsung or Apple smartwatches. But what if you’re a traveler? In this case, you probably don’t need a bulky device on your wrist, you would go for something slim. And what would you say if your watch could adjust to different time zones by itself?

Yes, there is a product that can do that. It’s called Shaper and produced by the French company NOWA. Shaper is a pretty unique device because it is the world’s first thinnest hybrid smartwatch. But are the main highlights of this smartwatch?

NOWA Shaper - the World's Thinnest Smartwatch

First of all, it has an exquisite design. The French are always the best when it comes to style and fashion, which is proven once again by this smartwatch. Eric Gizard was the one who designed Shaper and let’s just say that he did a wonderful job. At first sight, you wouldn’t even say that it is a smartwatch because it’s very similar to classic wrist watches. The attention to details here is amazing. The case is made of stainless steel, the bezel is accompanied with refined, polished finish and the glass is covered with sapphire coating which prevents scratches. Apart from that, the band is made of premium Italian leather with Nubuke lining. As a result, the watch sits on your wrist like a second skin.
The design makes Shaper a suitable accessory for anyone: businessmen, travelers or regular users. Besides, the case is super-thin – it’s only 9.75mm thick. Unlike many other smartwatches, this one is very elegant and classy, without any bulkiness.

NOWA Shaper - Thinnest Smartwatch

In addition, beneath such impeccable exterior, Shaper has top-notch “internals”. The parts were actually made by the Swiss who are famous around the world for their precision and perfection in watchmaking. Another advantage of Shaper is the battery. The watch is powered by CR2025 battery and lasts for about 8 months which is pretty rare for devices in this category.

But this is a smartwatch, so what’s so smart about it? In fact, Shaper might easily by one of the most functional smartwatches with such a vintage style. The watch connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth and comes with an accompanying app available for iOS and Android devices. That’s where most functions come from. Shaper alerts you if there is an incoming call or a text message, allows you to control camera, displays your daily goals and has a “Find Phone” feature which really comes in handy if you accidentally lost your smartphone.

But Shaper isn’t called a smartwatch for travelers for no reason. If you go from one time zone to another, this smartwatch syncs with your phone and adjusts the time by itself. It means that you don’t have to rotate the bezel and change the time yourself anymore, the watch does it for you.

Lastly, Shaper does activity tracking as well. It does the basic stuff, like counting steps, measuring distance and amount of burned calories. Also, it is able to track sleep. All the data is displayed in the app, so you can control your physical activity and sleep yourself to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

To sum it up, Shaper is truly a one-of-a-kind product on the smartwatch market. It may not surprise you with the abundancy of features but it doesn’t need to. Instead, it has other highlights. A sophisticated design, lightness and functionality make this watch an excellent companion for you. And travelers will certainly appreciate automatically adjustable time. That’s why Shaper is a redefining product on the smartwatch market with a bright future. If you want to support the product, visit its Kickstarter.

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