Moshi Microfiber MacBook Sleeve

Moshi Microfiber MacBook Sleeve

MacBook is probably the most prestigious name among all laptops. That’s why it needs the best protection possible. You can’t just put it in your bag or backpack hoping that everything is going to be all right. No one is safe from accidents, so even when you carry a MacBook in your hands, it is better be protected. That’s where accessory makers can make themselves a fortune. There aren’t that many top names on the accessory market but some of them stand out the most, for example, Moshi. And the following review is about a product that will cradle your MacBook like a baby.

It is called Muse and it’s made specifically for MacBook or iPad Pro. This is a perfect accessory for people who are always on the go. What makes this sleeve so special? A few things, actually. Firstly, it’s made of high-quality, innovative materials. The exterior is soft and padded but the main thing is on the inside. Trademark Terahedron microfiber covers the interior and wraps your MacBook in a tender and loving embrace.

Secondly, all these materials ensure maximum safety to your devices. The exterior is stain-resistant and zipper-less design prevents any scratching. And if you think that your MacBook may fall out of the sleeve because of this design, you’re wrong. There is a patent-pending technology that doesn’t let that happen and it’s called SlipGrip. Don’t worry, your devices are safe no matter how you turn the sleeve.

Thirdly, Muse is a very versatile accessory. In fact, Moshi offers 3 different products for 11-, 12- and 13-inch MacBooks or even big tablets, like iPad Pro. What’s more, each model is fitted with an outer pocket for other accessories, like cables or adapters.

These three things make Moshi Muse one of the best choices for a MacBook carrying sleeve. No matter where you go, your laptop has to be in good hands, and Muse provides the best “hands”.

Moshi MacBook Sleeve

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