Video Camera that Looks Like a Charger

Compact video surveillance cameras became quite popular in the recent years. The market offers a huge selection of devices but most of them look quite ordinary. Although it sounds strange, they are made like regular cameras. But there are a few exceptions and one of them is LookOut Charger.

Here, manufacturers went the other way and disguised a camera as a charging device that you would insert in a wall socket. Despite being so inconspicuous, the camera still does everything it’s supposed to do. LookOut Charger records footage in FullHD quality. The camera starts as soon as you plug it into am outlet. By the way, the device is also fitted with a USB-port which means that it can be used for charging smartphones and tablets with a USB-cable.

Right now, there are 2 versions of this camera: 16 and 32 GB storage. The former can record non-stop for 3-4 hours, while the latter lasts for about 7 hours. If the storage is full, the camera just deletes the oldest footage and replaces it with the newest.

LookOut Charger can be pre-ordered on INDIEGOGO for $90. First shipments start in August.

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