Samsung Unpacked 2017 – Other Highlights

Samsung Unpacked 2017 was eagerly anticipated mainly for one reason – new smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. This presentation is so huge that we’ve decided to tell about it in another article. But this one will be dedicated to other devices unveiled by Samsung during the event.

– New Gear VR – an updated version of the Samsung’s VR headset promises to be faster, have better definition quality and support VR web browser. Plus, video game lovers will be happy to see more gaming options. The headset also comes with a new remote control. Updated Gear VR comes out on April 21;

– Gear 360 – the Samsung’s portable camera also had an update. This one is able to record footage in 4K. Another addition is compatibility with iPhones (from 6s). Interestingly, technical changes were mostly downgrades: 8.4-inch lenses (instead of 15-inch ones in the previous model) and “smaller” battery (1160mAh instead of 1350mAh);

– Connect Home – this is a smart Wi-Fi System that connects all your smart devices into one network. For that, Connect Home supports high speeds (up to 866 Mbps), has 512MB RAM plus 4GB storage and is fitted with two Ethernet ports;

– Samsung Dex – this is dock station that is made specifically for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It transforms a smartphone into a desktop computer. Dex has 2 USB-ports, 1 HDMI port, a port for Internet connection and a USB-C port. The station works well with big screens, like all-in-ones.

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