Voice-Activated Mobile Gadget for Your Car

Mobile Gadget for Car

Many drivers use different technologies in cars whether it is a smartphone as a navigator or a built-in system that supports Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto. But the company German Autolabs created a universal solution – a digital smartphone-integrated gadget named Chris. This compact device is attached in front of the driver on the dashboard or windscreen. What’s more, Chris is a voice assistant, just like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

This driver’s companion with its own AI wirelessly connects to a smartphone and can actually replace a smartphone in a car. Using only voice commands, users can operate Chris and tell it to do anything, from sending a text message or turning the music on to mapping route to a particular place. If the user gets any incoming calls, it’s easy to communicate with the caller due to high-quality built-in microphones. When a text comes to a smartphone, Chris can read it out loud.

Apart from voice commands, users can control the gadget with gestures. If you wave your hand, you can skip tracks or scroll through the contact list. And if you move your hand closer or further to the gadget, you can change the volume.

This useful digital co-driver can be pre-ordered kickstarter.

5 Comments on Voice-Activated Mobile Gadget for Your Car

  1. Kashiprasad Nair // 05.04.2017 at 18:55 // Reply

    Where do you get this gadget.


  2. Kashiprasad Nair // 05.04.2017 at 18:57 // Reply

    It sounds good for every person driving a car, makes his work more easy and fast.


  3. Richard // 05.04.2017 at 19:02 // Reply

    Hi Nair,
    It’s available on Kickstarter. The link is included in the article.


  4. Mohd Zol Md Said // 19.10.2017 at 08:51 // Reply

    How to buy or become selling agent in our country (Malaysia).



  5. Richard // 19.10.2017 at 13:11 // Reply

    here you go:


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