Smart Hi-Tech Mug to Keep Beverages Hot

All busy people tend to get forgetful sometimes while being caught up with all the work. For example, you’re preparing something on a laptop, you poured yourself a cup of coffee but totally forgot about that and the coffee got too cold. Of course, this is problem isn’t that fundamental but it is still an inconvenience. Thankfully, Power Practical with a very modern solution for that.

It is called Jül and it is smart heated mug just for keeping beverages hot. The mug has a special coaster that does all the heating. The mug works quite simple. First, you have to turn its lower part to choose the temperature (the range is 49-66°C or 120-150°C). After that, you set in on the coaster and connect the latter to your laptop or computer with a USB-cable. The patent-pending technology will keep the hot or cool it down to the desired temperature. Plus, the mug is always by your side, especially if you’re at work.

Of course, this solution may not be very original because there are many thermal mugs on the market. Still, this is a pretty hi-tech solution for work or home use. Jül can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter.

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