Samsung Will Sell Galaxy Note 7 Again

The phablet Galaxy Note 7 caused a lot of trouble for Samsung. So much so that the Korean company decided to cancel the production and turn all bought devices into “bricks”. Actually, Samsung managed to do that with 97% of all Note 7s but there are still people who use these life-threatening phablets on regular basis. That’s why Samsung will get rid of all existing devices with a special update. After that, we’ll see a big comeback Galaxy Note 7 phablets on store shelves.

If we forget about explosions, Note 7 was a very impressive device. As a reminder, it has 5.7-inch display, 12 MP camera, 4 GB RAM, octa-core Exynos 8890 processor IP68 water protection and even retina scanner. The phablet was quite popular among users, so its return will be met with joy.

According to SamMobile, repaired Note 7 will re-appear in stores later this year. Samsung has already conducted a thorough investigation and revealed the cause of all explosions. So, the Samsung representatives assured everyone that this problem will be taken care of.

There are no details of price or date release so far. At the moment, Samsung employees are discussing possible consequences and sales conditions. Later, we’ll see a list of countries where Galaxy Note 7 will be launched again. Hopefully, this time it all works out.

Samsung Will Sell Galaxy Note 7 Again

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