IKEA Plans to Conquer Smart Home Market

Smart Home Market

This year, the smart home market will see a new member and it is a huge one. The world-famous Swedish brand IKEA is preparing to take over this segment. The company announced the line-up of their smart-home devices called Tradfri. It will be a serious completion to another similar line-up – Phillips Hue.

Tradfri is a smart lighting system. This IKEA’s collection features smart LED lightbulbs, remote controls, motion sensors, dimmers, wall and floor lamps, and LED panels for wall drawers or wardrobes. Also, being a big name in furniture building, IKEA uses it with “light doors”. Such doors can be installed straight into cabinets and serve as a convenient lighting option for dark places.

Just like with Philips Hue, Tradfri smart home devices can be controlled with a special mobile app. The app allows all users to regulate the brightness and warmth of lighting, choose a perfect hue for a particular room and alternate the parameters depending on weather, time of day, and so on.

One IKEA smart LED lightbulb with a remote control will cost £15 but bigger selections will cost more. Tradfri is expected to come out in April.

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