Moshi Spatia Airplay Wireless Speaker Sound System

After a hard workweek, there’s nothing better than spending your time at home to the accompaniment of your favourite music. Music relaxes us, motivates us and even reminds us of the past. That’s why audio electronics devices are always popular. Of course, you can blast the tunes from a smartphone or a laptop but speakers do this job better. And what if you could get a whole sound system that is also wireless and very powerful? Well, you can, because Moshi offers a fantastic product which is called Moshi Spatia Airplay Wireless Speaker Sound System.

Spatia may not be a portable device but it doesn’t have to be. This is a sound system just for home use. Its elegant shape will be a nice addition to your interior. But the main thing comes out when you press the button on top of it. Fantastic, refined and well-balanced sound fills rooms and reaches every corner of your abode. Such impressive performance is based on the three-way sound system with five different speakers: 2 silk dome tweeters, 2 mid-range drivers and a downward subwoofer. Plus, Spatia is fitted with Class-D amplifiers for separating various frequencies. As a result, Spatia is able to astonish any music fan with its great smoothness in every note.

Moshi Spatia Airplay Wireless Speaker
Sound System For your House

Spatia – Wireless Sound System

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As mentioned before, this is a wireless device and it isn’t just wireless. Spatia uses the AirPlay technology which allows you to play music from any mobile device in the room via Wi-Fi. It means that you can choose the playlist on a computer, laptop, smartphone, and so on. Plus, Spatia is equipped with Wi-Fi Direct – the feature which connects your mobile device with the speaker even if there is no Wi-Fi signal within its reach.

All control is done with the accompanying app (available for iOS or Android devices). The app opens a lot of possibilities for you. Firstly, it’s used for basic control. Secondly, it has an adjustable equalizer for customizing certain music profiles. Thirdly, the app has a selection of relaxing melodies if you need some quiet time. All in all, Spatia by Moshi is much more than just a wireless speaker. This is literally a must-have accessory for your house. Amazing sound, secure Wi-Fi connection and stylish design – these are guarantees that you won’t be disappointed with this device.

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