Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger, Smartwatches from Top Fashion Brands

The wearable market is a promising field not only for tech companies but also for fashion brands. Just like regular watches, smartwatches became trendy accessories and they must match the style of the person. That’s why we’ve been recently witnessing an interesting trend when big fashion names are presenting their own wearables, whereas tech companies lack new ideas.

Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger

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The latest brands on the list are Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. Both of their smartwatches were presented at Baselworld and they both run on the brand-new Android Wear 2.0. Touch, the watch by Hugo Boss, is very close to a classic wristwatch. It even comes with a leather band option. This Sports Watch is fitted with basic fitness functions (counting steps, measuring distance) but unfortunately, doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. Still, it’s not like you would wear such a stylish watch for running. Also, Touch is equipped with NFC which means the support of Android Pay.

Smartwatches from Top Fashion Brands

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Another smartwatch by Tommy Hilfiger is called TH24/7You. This one has a more casual look with the wristband made of metal. It doesn’t have NFC or heart rate monitor but still does basic tasks, like displaying notifications. The main thing here is that many wearables are becoming fashion accessories and their look is more vital than functionality.

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