External Battery Best Power Bank for Mobile Devices

We all know how important power banks are. No matter where you are, you can always rely on them. That’s exactly what you need during long train journeys or flights. On the other hand, if you do come across a power outlet, who can guarantee that it is safe? Sometimes, even the slightest change of current or voltage can cause a terrible accident. It means that the connection between your mobile devices and power sources must be protected. That’s why we have surge protectors.
But why are we talking about them here? Because there is a great 2-in-1 device which can provide charge and security to your devices at the same time. Meet Belkin Travel RockStar.

This accessory is a fantastic multifunctional solution for travelling. First of all, it is a power bank with the capacity of 3 000mAh. It allows you to charge any USB-enabled device on the go. You’ll forget these awkward situations when you have to make an urgent call but your phone is dead. Plus, it provides quiet fast charging with its 2A current.

Belkin 3-Outlet Wall Mount

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Furthermore, Travel RockStar is equipped with its own outlets. There are a few applications for them. Firstly, you can “share” this power bank with your friends. While you’re charging your smartphone through a USB-port, your friend can plug his charger into one of two outlets to power up his device.
But most importantly, both these outlets are surge protected. It means that 100% safety is guaranteed to all connected devices. Actually, surge protection is rated at 615 joules which is, by the way, a high number. Travel RockStar can be used in any places as a surge protector. For example, if you see a power outlet nearby and you doubt that it’s safe, you take out the foldable AC prongs in your RockStar, plug it in the outlet and then plug your laptop charger into it. And no electricity problems will ever damage your devices.

So, Travel RockStar is quite a catch for any active person. Buying a regular power bank is one thing but pairing it with surge protector is much more. That’s why it is so good.

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