Unique App to Type Text on Your Smartphone

Anyone of us spends much time typing text on our mobile devices. That happens when we text, comment news on social media, google something, and so on. There are several ways of entering text and all of them have their fans. But scientists of Scotland came up with another way and it is kind of unusual.

The technology by the University of St Andrews employees was called SWiM which is short for Shape Writing in Motion. This way of entering text especially applies owners of smartphones and tablets who struggle with using their devices with one hand. SWiM allows entering text by moving and tilting the device. With that, the cursor moves over the virtual keyboard as well. Once it reaches a required symbol, the user has to press a big button above the keyboard. This makes text entry much easier, particularly for owners of big devices.

Although the technology sounds a bit strange, it was proven to be effective during numerous tests. After an hour of practice, even inexperienced users were able to get in touch with SWiM, typing approximately 32 words per minute.

The application range of this technology can be quite wide. Smartphones, phablets, tablets, smartwatches, – all these devices can be improved with the addition of SWiM.

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